It’s nice to be home

Finally here! Hi and welcome to this little world that has been a long time in the making. I’ve always loved reading and especially writing, and have several journals full of memories that date back as far as ten years or more. However, this will be my first attempt at sharing some of my thoughts and observations with you. 

Let’s start with the name “Meddling In The Affairs Of Heaven”, what does it mean, where did it come from, whose meddling with what, and what is being meddled with? Yes, yes, all valid questions and I’m glad you asked. Firstly, that title, name, phrase (whatever you would like to call it), was given to me in a dream, well over 20 years ago. At the time, I had absolutely no idea what it meant, or what I was supposed to do with it. I never wrote it down, but never forgot it either. From time to time over the years, it would pop into my mind, and each time I would ask the Father what He intended for me to do with it, but never really got any clear picture or understanding and thus, I simply moved on. The answer came loud and clear a little while ago. Hold that thought, I’m coming back to it.

Secondly, being British born, ‘meddle’ was quite a very common word around me. However, once I left Britain and through the years, I have heard it less and less. As a matter of fact, to be absolutely honest, its not a word I hear at all. I mention that to point out that though the phrase kept coming to mind over the years, its definitely not because I heard the word, which caused it to automatically get pulled out of my memory bank (a side note for you deep thinkers). About two years ago, I realized that between being taught two to three verses a week at church on Sunday, and using those fifteen minute daily devotionals, I really did not know the bible. I decided for the first time that I was going to read the bible like it was intended…from Genesis to Revelations, and start all over again, and again and again. Well, I read it through the first time, and I’m on my second go around (bear with me, I promise there is a point to this). Well, the first time I read through, I used the New International Version(NIV) for the most part. Towards the second part of the new testament, I switched to the 1611 King James Version (KJV) and continued my reading. I am currently in the book of Deuteronomy, and lo and behold, guess what word I found in the second chapter and the fifth verse…”Meddle not with them, for I will not give you their land…” I had absolutely no idea that word was in the bible. All other versions translate that word as “provoke”. You can imagine my excitement when I read that…confirmation that I’m supposed to be sharing this with you! When I looked up the Hebrew word in the concordance (one of the many resources you will need if you are truly going to study to shew thyself approved- 2 Timothy 2:15) and meddle is to grate, to anger, contend, stir up, strive. Therefore, ‘Meddling In The Affairs Of Heaven means that some things happening here on earth are contending with things in heaven and its not to our advantage. The Most High in His loving mercy and grace is allowing us to be made aware of what these things are.

Another thing I began to realize just recently, was that my faith walk for the last several years has been what you would call ‘blah’. It seemed like I was on autopilot, and each thing I did was just an opportunity to mark that activity off of my list. Devotion…check, Sunday worship…check, pray for my family…check…you know the drill. I began to wander why I did some of the things I did, why I celebrated certain holidays, why the church no longer seemed to have any influence or power, if Christ were to return today, how would he feel about the state of affairs of the church and so much more. My Father in heaven, the God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob led me to a whole slew of information, and boy did I get some answers! Its been through this journey that I have now come to realize that a lot has been and is still being meddled with, when it comes to the affairs of heaven. Things like the sabbath having been changed, the laws in the old testament still applying to us today and were never done away with, who the real people of the bible are, and where they are today, the real holidays we should be observing and celebrating, how we ended up with 365 days a year, what The fathers real name is and so much more. 

A little while ago, I got the answer I have been looking for all these years….begin to write and document what has been revealed to me and share it! I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert on any of this information, in fact I too am learning and still very much open to apply any new information I come across. Rather, my motive and goal for this platform is to share information I have been exposed to, and my desire is that we can possibly dialog about it to get further clarification and insight. Hence the reason why this medium was born. 

I am truly excited to embark upon this journey and look forward to connecting with you each and every week as you and I share new discoveries and possibilities.

Until next week, Shalom and welcome home!

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