Christ And The Old Testament

Who do you say that Christ is? This could be considered to be a loaded question, and then again, maybe not. There is no one answer, neither is there a right or wrong one. Even Christ himself asked this question of his disciples, and they responded with different answers. Growing up, and even till a lot recently, all the teachings I received about Christ mostly only came out of the new testament. I was always taught to read the new testament if I wanted to learn more about him, “study how he lived while he was here on earth”, I was told. However, it’s quite enlightening to note that we can learn so much more about Christ, long before we get to the new testament. 
To understand the ‘who’, the best place to begin is understanding the ‘why’. Why did Christ come? The answer to this will lead us directly to who he is. Some may answer saying he came to forgive our sins. This is a true statement, but begs the answer to the next question which is, why would our sins need to be forgiven in the first place? Our disobedience to God and His laws, statutes and commandments is what needed to be forgiven. The ‘why’ therefore is because Christ had an assignment…to come and undo the wrongs we had done, and get us back in right standing with God. One of the answers to ‘who’ Christ is would then be that he is our sacrifice! When he willingly came, humbled himself and died on the cross for our sins, he became our sacrifice. Christ is also our Savior, because he will be coming back to save us. For the bible says ‘but he that endures unto the end, the same shall be saved’ – Matthew 24:13. What is even more enlightening of all is that John 1:1 tells us he was the word. He is the word because he is what was written of in old times, oh my gosh… he is the old testament! We see this in action since when Christ was walking the earth and performing miracles, there was no such thing as the new testament then. In order for those that were with him to understand him, they would have needed to have read the old testament scrolls…they had to have read HIM! He is that word, he is what Moses was speaking of and what all the prophets were speaking of. He was a living testimony of the old testament. In John 1:14 we read that Christ was the word made flesh, everything written of in the old testament was made flesh and he dwelt among us. 
Psalms 147: 19-20 is a prophecy from back during the time of David showing that one day the word will be revealed to Jacob (Israel). For those that walked during Christ’s day, if they had truly studied the old testament scrolls, they would have recognized him as the word made flesh. This is why Christ himself chastised the so called scholars and teachers of the law for erring in their understanding of the word, because they could not relate the word to Christ. 
In Luke 24: 24 – 48 Christ called the disciples fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets had spoken, because they came to see proof at his sepulcher, when the proof that he was the Savior was evident before he died. If they read, studied and believed the old testament, they would have known that Christ was supposed to die, be in the belly of the earth for three days and then rise and go into his glory. Christ was the word and many did not believe while he walked the earth, and if he were walking the earth today, people still would not believe him to be the Christ. Everything written in the old testament had to be fulfilled concerning Christ. Now, the testimony of the fulfilment of the old testament must be preached to all nations. This is what we have been charged to do!
Christ is the sacrifice, the Savior, the mediator, the high priest, the word…and by these things, as we operate in the physical, what we observe will strengthen our belief, because it was spoken of in the old testament and he has fulfilled it. We see the word having been made manifest, and through that, people are being converted and becoming believers in Christ our Savior. What is the conclusion of this matter? The next time someone asks you who Christ is, simply respond by saying he is the word, he is our Savior, he is our sacrifice… and if they want to know more about him, tell them to pick up the Old Testament and read!
Until next time, keep sharing the good news. Shalom and blessings!

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