Seek The Kingdom

There is quite a lot going on in the world today. Nothing is at a standstill, life is hectic and we feel as if the waves of change just may knock us right off of our feet. We recognize the need for some much needed reenforcement, but in our frantic state we find ourselves grabbing for something that is non existent, insufficient, has no power, and is completely useless and counterproductive. Our lack of any prior foundation quickly becomes evident as we flay and get tossed and blown around by those so-called waves. Well guess what…there’s an app for that and it’s called ‘seeking the kingdom!
How long did The Most High have to endure us? I have found that in our understanding of Christ, we have become judgmental and lack patience, as God has patience with us. The greatest law is the law of Christ which is all about self application. If we self examine and judge ourselves, it will ultimately stop the judgement from befalling you and I. Isaiah 30: 20-22 shows us that it is certain we will go through adversity. What’s even more certain is that sometimes that adversity will come from The Most High Himself. The affliction is there to put us back on the right path. We are not the enemy, but we need to be long suffering and patient through the process. During this period of affliction, we will more so still have access to our teachers, which is a blessing and privilege from God. This is not the time to stay away from them. These teachers of The Most High are there to help us through the process, while our conscience (by way of the Holy Spirit) bears record to the truth being taught. What we learn is meant to change our spirit and force us to adjust in a world (in which we don’t fit) for something greater. During this time is when we are expected to cast away all images that led to idolatry all the while putting all we have learned that is contrary to God behind us. 

During the period of adversity, we are to stay prayerful and meditate on Gods words and commandments. The lords prayer is a commandment and law from Christ. Matthew 6: 9-13 shows how Christ commanded us on how to pray to the father. We start by praising the father and hallowing His one true name. Thy will be done in earth like it is in heaven. His will that is being done in heaven is order. The earth is in chaos, but we pray for that order to also be established here on earth with total peace and no fear. Give us this day our daily bread. The Most High has done His part if you are able to eat each and every day. We must be content and not complain because The Most High gives us food, clothing and shelter daily. We owe the father a debt because He wiped our debt clean, so we ask Him to forgive us our debt. However, He can only forgive us to the degree that we forgive others. We must forgive! We first start by forgiving ourselves because we are now worthy through the blood of Christ, then we forgive others. We ask the father not to lead us into temptation, by detouring us from it by way of the Holy spirit. We pray to stay away from temptation that always comes in the form that does not seem evil. He always makes a way of escape – 1 Corinthians 10:13. Deliver us from the evil one. We finish off by declaring that the kingdom and the power and glory all belong to Him.

In Matthew 6: 24-34 we see that we cannot serve both God and mammon. The purpose of us going through the affliction is for The Most High to remove us from the bonds of this world that we have become attached to and care about. He gave us gifts that can help us get through, so this is the time to discover and tap into those gifts. The Most High knows what we need and He tells us that life is more than food and clothes. In fact, the Holy Spirit that abides within us is greater. If our father will feed the birds each and every day, will He not feed us His children that are better than the birds? We expend a lot of energy and time worrying about little things, which is a key indication that we lack faith. There is a greater mission and plan outside of ourselves and we need to seek those heavenly and spiritual things. What we desire and what we need are two separate things. He promised to give us what we need. Our value should lie with The Most High. Working and providing for our families are definitely important and a high priority, but hear this…it is not our highest priority! Our highest priority is to seek the plan of His righteousness first to ensure our plans are one with His.

Seeking the kingdom is seeking the plan of His righteousness which we do by not transgressing the law – Galatians 3: 22-29. Committing sin is transgressing the law – 1 John 3:4. Before faith came we were under the law which was our schoolmaster. Keep in mind that the law is not only referring to the ten commandments, but rather to every command, statute and ordinance that God spoke. We are no longer under the schoolmaster, but under Christ. However, Christ did not come to abolish the law Matthew 5:17, rather, the law is now under Christ. Therefore, under Christ we are to be obedient to the law and not be a slave to sin. The more we are obedient to the law, the more we seek the kingdom, and the closer we get to the plan of His righteousness. I urge you therefore, strap on your boots and  lets begin this amazing journey of seeking the kingdom together, it’s a worthwhile adventure!

Till the next time, shalom and blessings.


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