Spoiler alert!!! Israel still matters, and No! The law is not done away with…

When we pick up and read the bible each day (that’s a no brainer right?), we are reading a record about a living, breathing, active in society and the world…group of people. We can’t in one breath say Israel or Jews (not Jewish) don’t matter, yet in another breath use their records to try and maneuver through life. If they don’t matter, then their records don’t matter either. The question here is not who The Most High loves, its who He chose! Romans 3:1-4 shows that The Most High entrusted the law unto the Jews. Why is this important to know? Well, if we know our role, we can step into the responsibility of it. To whom much is given, much is required. Luke 1:67-71 tells us how Zachariah (John the baptists father) prophesied and blessed The Most High, The God of Israel for visiting and redeeming His people. He purchased His people, not everyone on earth. Don’t get me wrong, others can and most definitely will partake too. However, there is an order…it was His chosen people that was given the laws, statues and commandments, and it is these people that Christ’s blood came to redeem. Who are these people?…yes, the Israelites! No other nation was under the law of sacrifice and so did not need to be redeemed or purchased. Once Israel is cleansed and come into their glory, they will be a light to the gentiles, and in turn lead them in to follow those same laws, statutes and commandments. We are to follow the God of Israel, for Christ’s blood was to redeem and purchase his people.
Why then in these days do we hear our fellow brothers and sisters say they are now able to pretty much do whatever we want because Christ’s death sanctified it all? What scripture is that? When clearly Matthew 5:17 tells us what Christ himself said out of his own mouth. He categorically told his listeners not to even imagine that he came to change the law or destroy it, but rather to fulfil it. If his purpose was to come and take away or destroy the law, would that not mean that he came to take away or destroy himself? since he is the written word! As long as there is heaven and earth, there is a law. This means that actions are still being written and judged according to the law and a record is still being kept in heaven. We still have rules that we should go by and should still be guiding us.

Let’s touch on a few specific arguments that I have heard Christ followers use to try and defend their theory of a people and a law done away with. We hear the argument that what The Most High has cleansed is clean, therefore we can eat whatever we want. Then, they proceed to take you to Acts 10:9-16. Well, lets break that scripture down and see what this really means. When we further read verse 17, we see that Peter was in a dream state when he woke up and was confused as to why he was being asked to consume the unclean animals. Further reading to verse 25-28 then reveals that Cornelius whom Peter was being sent to was from another nation and was not a Jew or Israelite. Therefore, the revelation is that the dream was actually not talking about food at all, but rather about people. So, Peter was being told not to call anyone unclean, but share the gospel also with gentiles. Then, the very astute and learned christian goes on to 1 Timothy 4 to further state their claim and show that forbidding man to be married is sin and every creature of God is good. Well said! However, further reading and understanding of verse 5 shows that the said food has to be already approved by the word in order to then find those which can be received with thanksgiving. For a food to be sanctified or set apart, it has to be approved by the word and not just by prayer, and what is approved is found in Leviticus 11. Therefore, the approved foods from Leviticus 11 is what is to be received with thanksgiving and not every food under the sun.

Saving the best for last, I love this one…”the children of Israel are done away with, and we are the spiritual Israelites”. Once again, what scripture is that!!! In Romans 11, we read that the curse is to the children of Israel. The gentiles do not suffer for breaking the law since it was never given to them. Has The Most High cast away His people?NO!. Paul was an Israelite and he was not done away with. The Most High did not cast away His people which He foreknew in the old testament. Paul gave the word to gentiles when Israelites did not receive it. However, there will always be a remnant of Israel that will stake claim to the truth. Hosea 6:1-2 tells us that though God took us down, He is now healing and awakening us to the truth of who we are. It was the house of Israel that broke the old covenant with God and not all nations. Therefore, though God found fault with the children of Israel, however, He made a new covenant with them still, Hebrews 8:8-10. 

The conclusion of the matter is that Christ was nailed to the cross to abolish death so that people no longer had to be put to death for their sins. When we turn to the truth of The Most High and follow His laws, statues and commandments, the veil will be taken away. With the new covenant, The Most High gives us space to make things right, this is also known as grace. However, lets not take this grace for granted. Study to show thyself approved, pick up your bible, read, and turn back to Him and He will return to us.

Till the next time, shalom and blessings!


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