On A Mission

When I take a look around, a lot of times I wonder and muse about what I see. It seems as if everyone has their own personal agenda when it comes to the kingdom and the work that needs to be done. Those professing the same faith are not on the same page, families are off in different directions, married couples don’t know what the other believes anymore, kids have absolutely no clue and are not being taught the word at all. Families as a whole don’t even seem to have a kingdom mission or direction of any kind. As we know, this lack of learning ourselves, amd then teaching the next generation about the one true God is what led the Israelites to move further and further away from Him, till there was absolutely no knowledge of Him whatsoever. This is quite comical, since the bible already tells us there is noting new under the sun. If we simply read our history book, we will see we are heading down that same path yet again, the sad thing is…this is no laughing matter at all! As a body, we surely are operating like a robot with the parts all screwed on the wrong way. We all seem to be missing a very vital piece in the whole jigsaw puzzle of our life…why are we here and what is our mission?

While Christ was on earth, on his way to Galilee, he passed through Samaria and made a stop so the disciples could get him some food. While they were gone, he had a discussion with a Samaritan woman. By the time the disciples returned, the discussion with the samaritan woman was over and she was gone. They offered him food, and Christ responded by saying his meat was to do the work he was sent to do and complete it – John 4: 31-34. The disciples were puzzled and thought someone had brought him some food while they were gone. What was the meat Christ was referring to? In Genesis 1:29, we see that meat is not only the flesh of animals, but also refers to herbs, fruits e.t.c. Quite simply put, meat is sustenance. Psalms 104: 14-15 tells us the purpose of meat and also refers to bread as sustenance. The sole purpose of sustenance is to strengthen man’s heart, period! What Christ was saying therefore was that the thing that was going to strengthen his heart was to do and complete the work he was sent here on earth to do.

If Christ was sent to do a work, so were we. Christ indeed finished the work, however the harvest is continual and shall never cease – Genesis 8:22. Sadly, Matthew 9:37 shows us that there is much work but only few laborers. The harvest is a spiritual harvest. The same way that Christ made it his sustenance to do his father’s will is the way we too must make it our meat. This is the spirit we must take on. When we accepted Christ as our Lord and savior, we also accepted the bread of The Most High that came down from heaven. If you eat of Christ, you will never spiritually hunger or thirst and thus have sustenance. To eat of Christ is to love him, and we only show our love by our works. He who does the will of the father are his family, and part of showing our works is to keep the father’s commandments – Matthew 12:46-50.

We as one body have all been called to be in one mind, one spirit and on one mission…to do and complete the works we were sent to do. You must be willing to learn again and renew yourself spiritually – Romans 12:1-3. Let’s kick it up several notches and start in our homes. Start, reading the bible again and include your family. Re-learn everything! Next, obey His commandments and tell your children of the wonders and miracles of the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Then, spread the works everywhere you go. Though the laborers are few, you (and your family) are called to be counted among them.

Till next week, shalom and blessings!

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