Virtuously chic!

We live in a world where anything goes! There’s freedom of speech, freedom to wear whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Freedom of leadership by anyone who desires to lead…the list goes on. Even in cultures where there used to be some decorum and order, things are changing drastically by virtue of the western world’s influence, and our gradual movement away from the father. God in His infinite wisdom, has always expected His children to live by a standard that will never be understood by this world, because we are not of this world – John 15:19. As a matter of fact, we are expected to be the light of the world, setting the trend and examples to be followed to the glory of The Most High – Matthew 5: 14-16. Unfortunately, we have fallen short…way short, but there is hope!

Let’s go back to the best success book ever written. Romans 15:4 says that whatsoever things were written aforetime were for our learning , so we can have hope. In Genesis 17:15-21 we learn about Sarai whose name was changed to Sarah. Sarah’s name means princess, and The Most High chose to bless her and make her a mother of many nations. She was a beauty to behold, but Proverbs 31: 30 tells us beauty is vain so we know she was not blessed because of her beauty. Sarah feared and judged Him faithful who had promised – Hebrews 11:11, she was also obedient to her husband, that is why she was chosen to bear kings. 

In the book of Judges 4, we read about Deborah, who was a prophetess that also judged Israel in her time. The Most High made Himself known to prophets by way of visions and dreams and they in turn would speak what was revealed to the people. The sign of a true prophet/prophetess was that whatever was spoken always came to pass. A judge also known as a deliverer, was someone of honor and integrity whom The Most High Himself raised up in those days. The hand of the children of Israel defeated the Canaanites through Deborah, and she gave all the praises to the father. She recognized that it was not her power or might that helped deliver the children of Israel out of the enemy’s hand.

Judith from the apocrypha was a very wealthy widow who stayed fasting from the time her husband died. She fasted everyday except on the eve of sabbaths, sabbaths and holy days. She only ate what she prepared and was also an exceptionally beautiful woman, but her beauty stayed hidden behind her covering. However, when she and her fellow Israelites came under attack, and were at the risk of being wiped out, she used wisdom and her beauty to save her people.

Suzanna, also in the apocrypha was beautiful and feared the Most High. Her parents were righteous and taught her the law. She was accused of being promiscuous by two elders who were lusting after her. She had the choice of either succumbing to the wishes of the elders, and be defiled in the eyes of The Most High, or defying them and trust that The Most High would vindicate her. Suzanna chose to keep her trust in the Most High and she was eventually vindicated and the elders were punished.

It is still oh so chic to be called a virtuous woman, and I am still a work in progress. A virtuous woman like Sarah, who fears The Most High and submits to her husband. Like Deborah, who is a person of integrity and honor, who recognizes that all power to defeat any enemy in her life comes from the father. Like Judith, who lives a fasted lifestyle and uses wisdom and her beauty unto righteousness to help those around her. Finally, like Suzanna who sat under her parents teachings and remembered those commandments in time to wholly trust The Most High when it mattered most. Women can be and, are still being used by The Most High, all He asks is our obedience. We are urged not to place too much emphasis on adorning ourselves outwardly, but rather place the value inwardly by our works – 1 Timothy 2:10. Let our sight not be skewed by the changing times and let’s turn things around. We need to step it up and show the world that its chic to be virtuous. Teach your young girls what it takes to be virtuous, and your boys how to settle for nothing less than a virtuous woman. Stand tall, remain beautiful and put your trust in the father…it pays to be virtuously chic!

Till next week, shalom and blessings.


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